The Cost of a Blue Slip in Sydney NSW: What You Need to Know

Cost of a Blue Slip in Sydney NSW

A car’s roadworthiness certificate is called a blue slip in Sydney New South Wales (NSW). This inspection is to ensure that your vehicle complies with the requirements of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act. A blue slip is issued to an unregistered vehicle that a mechanic certifies meets all safety and roadworthy requirements.

Before you may get a blue slip, your car must pass inspections and obtain a certificate of inspection. A blue slip is necessary for owners of unregistered cars as well as for any interstate vehicle transported into NSW. You are unable to sell your car to Cash for Car Sydney or any other car removal agency without Blue Slip. Read more about: Notice of Disposal in Sydney NSW

Below is a list of blue slip inspection costs.

VehicleBlue slip cost
Light vehicle$67
Trailer with brakes$48
Trailer without brakes$34

Understanding the Cost of a Blue Slip

When it comes to ensuring your vehicle is roadworthy, obtaining a Blue Slip is a crucial step. A Blue Slip, also known as a Vehicle Safety Inspection Report, is require in various situations such as purchasing a used car without registration, re-registering an unregistered vehicle, or transferring a vehicle from interstate. However, it’s essential to be aware of the associated costs involved in obtaining a Blue Slip.

The cost of a Blue Slip can vary based on factors such as the type of vehicle, its age, and any necessary repairs or modifications. Typically, the inspection process assesses the vehicle’s safety components, compliance with regulations, and overall roadworthiness. Any required repairs or adjustments to meet these standards may contribute to the total cost of obtaining a Blue Slip.

It’s advisable to contact authorized inspection stations or relevant authorities to inquire about specific fees and requirements for obtaining a Blue Slip in your region. Being inform about the cost factors involved in obtaining a Blue Slip ensures a smoother process and helps you budget accordingly for this important step in keeping your vehicle safe and legally compliant on the road.

The above list contains the standard maximum fees for the blue slip.

Why is it Important to do a Blue Slip Examination?

  • These are the functions of a blue slip inspection.
  • Conduct an identity check to confirm the accuracy of the unregistered car details given in the registration records of the vehicle. The car’s examination confirms that the VIN is correct, readable, and free of damage from regular maintenance, paint jobs, or corrosion.
  • Make that the car’s odometer readings are accurate and original.
  • to certify that the vehicle meets roadworthiness standards.
  • The process of ensuring that previously written-off vehicles have undergone the required repairs before re-registering is called a “blue slip.”
  • To confirm that light vehicles that have had their registrations revoked for more than three months are still suitable for driving and meet the standards of safety inspections.
  • A blue slip is necessary to confirm that information that has changed significantly, such as a new engine, is appropriately noted in the vehicle’s registration records, in addition to ensuring that the car complies with manufacturer specifications. The service center will also confirm that an engine that needs its defect notifications cleared has received the required repairs.

Unregistered cars do not receive number plates until the blue slips check is complete.

For What does a Blue Slip Get Checked?

The following will examined by a blue slip:

  • Brakes.
  • The steering mechanism functions properly.
  • Tyres, suspension, wheel bearings, and wheels.
  • Reflectors and Lights.
  • Horn.
  • Wipers and washers for windscreens.
  • seat belts and seats.
  • Doors.
  • Windows.
  • The frame of a vehicle or motorbike.
  • Overall state of the car.

How Long does a Blue Slip Examination Take?

A blue slip examination just takes 30 minutes to complete. It is perform in an accredited service center. Your mechanic will examine the brakes, steering, wheels and tires, lights and reflectors, horn, seats, doors, windows, and other parts during this time. They will check the car or motorcycle’s frame in addition to the overall condition of the vehicle.

If any of the safety check checks are not successful, you will not receive a blue slip for your car or motorcycle. You won’t receive a blue slip until the issue has been fixed.

If your car or motorcycle passes every safety test, your mechanic will give you a certificate of inspection.

An electronic report on authorized unregister vehicle checks is disseminated.

After getting the blue slip report, the owner of a light vehicle must take their unregistered vehicles to Service NSW in order to obtain number plates. The unregister vehicle must be brought in for registration during the report’s 42-day validity period. If not, the validity expires and you are require to repeat the blue slip inspection process.

This is the paperwork you need to show that your car is safe to drive and compliant with NSW traffic laws.

What do a Green Slip and a Pink Slip mean?

A car’s registration document is known as a “pink slip” in New South Wales. A green slip in New South Wales is equivalent to auto insurance. The pink slip examination is one way to ensure safety. Unlike the blue slip safety examination, which is carry out for registration purposes, the pink slips safety inspection report is a yearly requirement for all light vehicles register in NSW.

You will require a blue, pink and green slip in order to register your vehicle and be permit to drive or ride a motorbike on NSW highways.

Who has a Blue Slip Offered?

Only mechanics holding a current NSW license are authorize to issue a blue slip for your vehicle or motorcycle. They will need to have received a certificate of registration from Roads and Maritime Services.

What are Road Maritime Services?

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the government organization responsible for managing traffic safety, driver and vehicle registration, and marine licensing in New South Wales. They issue a certificate of registration to an authorized mechanic in NSW. This makes it possible for the mechanic to give blue slips for cars and motorbikes.

What is contained in a “Green Slip”?

A green slip also includes insurance against bodily injury and property damage to third parties.

It does not cover damage to your car or motorcycle. In the event of an accident, theft of your car or motorbike, you will need to submit a claim on your comprehensive insurance.

What is Third-Party Insurance?

Third party insurance protects damage to other people and their property, not your car.

You need to obtain third-party property damage and personal injury insurance before you may drive on NSW highways.

What is included in Comprehensive Insurance?

As the name implies, comprehensive insurance covers both you and your car, bike, or other type of transportation. It also covers losses and harm to other people’s belongings.

Comprehensive insurance is a rise in CTP insurance. You will pay a higher price for comprehensive auto insurance if you want to benefit from its extra features. To register an car in New South Wales, you need a blue, pink, and green slip.

A CTP insurance policy is the same as a green slip.

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