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A Quick and Convenient Way To Get Cash for Unregistered Cars Up To $9,999

Are you too occupied with life that you didn’t have time to register your car?

That’s okay! No need to feel guilty. Top Dollar Cash for Car Sydney is at your back!

As a licensed and Cash for unregistered cars buyer, you can safely sell your unregistered car, truck or SUV in return for the highest cash, up to $10,000.

A Quick and Convenient Way To Get Cash for Unregistered Cars Up To $10,000

Free Paperwork

When Top Dollar Cash for Unregistered Cars in Sydney is the service provider, you don’t have to feel stressed. We will take care of all the paperwork, including:

1) Registration of the Vehicle

2) Free Removal Sydney, Pick-up and Towing from Your Premises

3) Clearing the unpaid taxes and dues

4) Ownership and Title Transfer

Tips To Remember Before Selling An Unregistered Car

Selling an unregistered vehicle is quite tricky. You need to be careful of a few things, or you might get into trouble. Hence, getting familiar with them can make the process much easier, quicker, smoother and safer. 

You have two options when you sell an unregistered vehicle:

1. The Seller must apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) before moving it interstate or driving it on the road. This can be requested from a nearby New South Wales Government Service Centre. You must also own the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance to cover the journey.

2. Get towed away by a Registered Tow Truck instead of driving it yourself.

What Is A UVP?

An Unregistered Vehicle Permit (UVP) allows you to drive an unregistered vehicle for a specific journey. It is only valid for the time required to complete that journey from the most direct route. It is also worth mentioning that a UVP cannot be used as a substitute for full registration.

  • A single journey from point A to B
  • A return journey from point A to B back to A
  • Multiple trips from A to B to C to D are defined over several days up to a maximum of 28
  • Travel from interstate to NSW
  • Travel from NSW to interstate
  • A specific vehicle and purpose for use up to a maximum of 28 days
What Is A UVP

The permit fee includes CTP insurance (also known as a green slip) that covers you on roads and road-related areas, not private property.

Eligibility Criteria for UVP

Eligibility Criteria for UVP

Kindly note that written-off, stolen, fully depreciated, unroadworthy and currently registered vehicles are not eligible for UVP.

It also includes those vehicles carrying a commercial load, exempt from registration, with a defect notice, suspended registration or modified but without a compliance certificate for the modification.

Visit Transport for NSW for more information on what vehicles and journeys are eligible.

Details and Documents Needed for A UVP

1) your proof of identity

2) personal/corporation details including:

  • your driver’s licence number, or
  • customer number

3) vehicle’s details

4) the old number plates, if your car still has them

5) details of the proposed journey

6) your proof of an Australian contact address (if you’re an overseas or interstate visitor)

7) the PDF forms:

  • ‘Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration’
  • ‘Application for Unregistered Vehicle Permit’.
Details and Documents Needed for A UVP

How To Sell An Unregistered Vehicle In Sydney?

1) Get Your Quote
2) Schedule Your Car Removal
3) Get Paid Up to $9,999
4) Enjoy Free Unwanted Car Removal

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are needed to get Cash for Unregistered Cars?

Only your Original State-Issued I.D. Card or Driver’s License. However, if you possess any other documents such as the Title, Roadworthy Certificate, or Maintenance, then you are welcome to submit them.

Will it take longer to sell an Unregistered Car in Sydney?

Not at all. We provide fast cash for unregistered car services near me in Sydney. This means customers can get done with the selling process in 24 hours.

Do I have to pay for my unregistered Car Removal in Sydney?

Not a penny. We don’t expect customers to pay anything for the removal. We provide 100% free car towing and pick-up for unregistered vehicles.

Will an unregistered vehicle have an impact on the car's worth?

Not with us. Many sham or scam car buyers are hunting an opportunity to pay you the minimum they can on the slightest excuse, including the absence of a Rego Certificate. But not with us. Not registering the vehicle won’t decrease the worth of your car, and we will pay the maximum price for it.

Do I need to register my vehicle before selling it in Sydney?

Not necessary. Top Dollar Cash for Car will buy your vehicle- whether registered or unregistered. Hence, you don’t need to do the hassle.