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The Quickest Way To Get Cash for Scrap Cars Sydney Offer

If your car is damaged beyond repair or dragged to the end of its useful life, then cash for scrap cars in Sydney is the solution.

No, you don’t need to scrap it yourself!

You can conveniently sell it to a Cash for Cars Sydney.

Top Dollar Cash for Scrap Cars Sydney possesses vast experience and expertise in the arena of scrap car removal and towing. We will remove your scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, Convertibles, taxis, vans, 4X4s, and UTEs for free and give you payout the same day.

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The Quickest Way To Get Cash for Scrap Cars Sydney Offer

How Are Scrap Cars Valued?

That’s the foremost question many car owners are eager to find: “how much money can they make by selling their scrap”.

Let’s explore the key factor that determines the price of a scrap vehicle:

1. The Amount of Metal Involved in the Production

That’s the foremost thing that impacts (read: LARGELY impact) the value of a scrap vehicle. Metal is the only valuable left in a scrap vehicle. When your sell a car to a scrap yard, they will first salvage the auto parts, dismantle and separate the precious metal from plastic and rubber. This metal is then recycled and sold further. Hence, the price of a scrap vehicle is directly proportional to the amount of metal involved in the vehicle make. Therefore, the quickest way to estimate a scrap car is to multiply the weight of metal with the average price per ton.

Most cars have approximately:

1) 1 ton (2025lbs) of steel.
2) 416lbs of aluminium.
3) 243lbs of iron.
4) 69lbs of copper and brass.
5) 37lbs of lead from the battery.

However, your vehicle may have less than what the above research states.

Now here are the Average Prices for different metals:

1) The steel is worth $145.
2) $116 worth of aluminium.
3) $24 worth of iron.
4) $69 worth of copper and brass.
5) $8 worth of lead.

Another integral component is a catalytic converter worth roughly around $25. Currently, scrap yards are paying somewhere between $150 – $300 for mid-size vehicles.

2. The Weight and Size of the Vehicle

That’s obvious. The larger the vehicle, the greater the metal and other valuable auto parts. In contrast, smaller cars have lower metal content. Hence, you will be paid higher for heavier vehicles and vice versa.

3. The Make and Model

That’s another important determinant. What type of vehicle is it? Where is it produced? What about the reputation of the brand? Is it one of the latest models or an old one? Or one of the common models in demand or a rare one?

Is it durable? Fuel-efficient? Engine Power and so on. For instance, you will be paid considerably less for a Peugeot 3008 than a Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger. Generally, junk cars are priced up to 20% to 40% of the car’s used value.

4. The Demand for Auto Parts

Let’s say you have a 15-year-old Honda Civic whose parts still hold immense value in the market. From the tires to the battery, radio, seats, panels, lights, suspension, gearbox etc can be conveniently wrecked and reused if in working condition.

5. The Age and Condition of the Vehicle

Last but definitely not least. The condition and age too greatly dictate the price.

Following, we have outlined four different scenarios according to which customers will be paid:

1) The vehicle is running with few repairs or faults that can be effortlessly fixed. In this case, the seller can demand higher.

2) The vehicle is non-running but can be restored to a working condition and further resold.

3) If the vehicle is non-running and the costs of repairs exceed its actual worth, you will be paid less.

4) The vehicle is declared written-off, but the parts still hold value and can be conveniently recycled or refurbished. Then customers will be paid according to the market value of junk cars.

Visit Transport for NSW for more information on what vehicles and journeys are eligible.

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