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Whether your vehicle got damaged in a minor fender bender, a serious collision, or perhaps simply after years of use, it is a frightening experience.

You might be shocked, scared, nervous, guilty, and what not- unable to think clearly about what to do with the damaged vehicle.

Hence, it is important to educate yourself ahead of time. In scenarios, when the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, it is best place to sell damaged car.

Trust us when we say, Top Dollar Cash for Cars Sydney west is the place to sell your broken, accidental, damaged or scrap vehicle. We promise a smooth, reliable and hassle-free transfer with 100% Satisfaction. 

Customers are Entitled to the Following Perks

Customers are Entitled to the Following Perks

  • Fair Estimate Provided In Seconds
  • No Hassle of Doing Repairs
  • Skip The Expensive Towing Charges
  • Service Throughout Sydney
  • Instant Cash for Damaged Car On the Spot
  • Free Completion of All Paperwork
  • Online Support Helpline 24/7

Sell Your Scrap Vehicle With Our Hassle-free Steps

No matter how long the scrap vehicle has been standing outside your home, we will come and collect it within a day with FREE car removal. Here is what you need to do:

1) Fill out the Online Form and let us know a few basic details, including the following:

  • i) Your Name
  • ii) Make
  • iii) Model
  • iv) Mileage
  • v) Overall Condition
  • vi) Your Location
  • vii) Accidental History and Other Details
Sell Your Scrap Vehicle With Our Hassle-free Steps

2) Get an Offer and Schedule your accidental Car Removal

3) At the Time, Date and Place you prefer, our team will arrive.

4) We will offer Cash on the Spot and then make arrangements for a Free Damaged Car Towing or Removal.

5) Sign the Receipt as proof of Your Payment, and then we will handle the Paperwork.

Paying The Highest Cash for All Damaged Models

And more

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Whether the vehicle suddenly got damaged in the middle of nowhere or is standing idle in your house’s backyard, we will come and collect it for free. Neither you need to worry about getting it repaired or revamped.

We promise top cash for damaged car regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you pay Cash for Damaged Cars without Roadworthy Certificate?

Yes, of course, we do. We require only the seller’s Original I.D. or Driver’s License to complete the sale proceedings.

Will you buy car with a damaged engine?

Yes, we buy damaged cars regardless of the exterior, interior, auto parts or engine condition. In fact, we pay the fairest Cash for Damaged Cars in Sydney.

How much will you charge for damaged car towing?

Not a penny. Our team offers absolutely Free Damaged Car Removal in all suburbs of Sydney. Whether your car, truck, or SUV got damaged in the middle of a highway, street, or parking lot, our efficient tow trucks will come and remove it for you.

What do you do with Damaged vehicles?

Good question. A damaged vehicle is good for nothing, so many of you might wonder what value a damaged vehicle brings the buyer?

We salvage all such cars for valuable spare parts, and precious metals which are removed and recycled.

How can I sell my damaged car right now?

With Top Dollar Cash for Damaged Cars. Pick up your phone and dial us now. Our team will swiftly respond to your request and make prompt arrangements for a safe and swift damaged car removal from your specified location to our scrapyard. If our team and tow trucks are available and not fully booked, we will help you eliminate the unwanted mess and pay Cash for damaged cars within 2 hours.