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Receive Top Cash for Scrap Cars Up to $9,999

We are raved for providing easy yet profitable solutions for any unwanted vehicle for highest Cash for Cars Wollongong.

We pay customers the highest dollar whether it is a rusted, scrap, old, non-running, un-roadworthy, damaged, wrecked or junk car or truck. Our prices are market competitive so that customers don’t feel disappointed.

Receive Top Cash for Scrap Cars Up to $9,999

Got Into A Devastating Crash?

Sell Your Vehicle To Us!

If your car, truck or commercial vehicle has got into a crash, then chances are it will never function the same as before. The power will fade away in some time, it will lose its originality, and the exterior will turn into shambles. Above all, the value of an accidental car is far less than a similar model without an accidental history.

All these are reasons enough to convince you to get rid of the vehicle. And rightly so. Cash for cars Wollongong allows you to earn some bucks that you can wisely invest in purchasing a new one. Isn’t it?

We Offer Hassle-Free Services And More!

In contrast, dumping it in some landfill or leaving it to rot in your garage will only leave you penniless. This will simply add more misery to the already traumatic experience. Top cash for cars Sydney promises to be your only loyal companion in distress.

Whether your vehicle is running or non-running, roadworthy or un-roadworthy, scrap, accidental, damaged, wrecked, flooded, junk or broken. We buy all.

An Award-Winning Customer Service

We take pride in our expert industry knowledge and highly personalized customer service. Car removal Wollongong ensure that our customers and their needs are always taken care of.

We will patiently explain the process and offer guidance whenever and wherever you feel lost. Also, you can seek our advice anytime you need it. We promise to never misguide you out of vile intentions.

An Award-Winning Customer Service

We Believe In Building Trust

Most traditional car buying set-ups today have an assembly-line type approach. They take your details, quote you a price, and move on.

In cases where they are successful in striking a deal, they are only concerned with the monetary profit. Neither the customer nor their experience.

On the other hand, Cash for scrap cars Wollongong believes in forging meaningful connections with our valued customers.

Regardless of the size or condition of their vehicle. Whether a scrap Kia Picanto seller or a luxury Rolls Royce Phantom, all customers are treated equally as kings.

We Speak Convenience

Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. And we believe this is only achievable by rendering them incredible comfort and peace of mind.

Our clients don’t have to lift even a finger. Cash for unwanted cars Wollongong handles everything from instant online evaluation to onsite inspection. We provide free pick-up and towing from your location to same-day removal and payment plus the completion of paperwork.

You have our back the whole way through.

Why Come to Us When We Can Come to You?

We can come fully equipped with the right tools, the right experts and the right tow truck at the specified location. Whether it’s your home, parking lot, workshop, office, factory, showroom, park, mall or roadside, we will come to you without any delay. We offer free prick up in all areas of Wollongong as well as nearby suburbs, including  North Wollongong.

Handling All Legal Matters

And that’s not it. Even after you sell the vehicle, we ensure you don’t have to deal with any headaches or trouble. We will leave you absolutely in comfort by doing all the required legal formalities. Be it transfer work, clearing the Vehicle Duties or Taxes, paying back any outstanding loan, etc.

Get Cash for Scrap Cars Today In The Easiest Way

Your schedule is packed for the week. We understand the value of your time. And have formulated our process accordingly to allow customers to get rid of their scrap car for cash in Wollongong in as little as two hours.

Are you looking for a service to sell you unregistered car within a day?

Follow our quick steps below and experience it yourself.

1) Get An Offer

2) Schedule Your Free Car Collection

3) Receive Cash and Finalize The Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Cash for Car Wollongong charge for towing?

Not a penny. Our Towing Service is complimentary, and we don’t charge a penny. So, let us know your location, condition and type of vehicle so we can select the tow truck from our fleet accordingly.

Do you pay Cash for Cars without Title?

Top Dollar Cash for Car Wollongong not only buy cars, trucks or SUVs without Title or Rego but also pays the highest dollar. But, you need to prove that you are the vehicle’s legal owner by presenting a Photo I.D. or Driver’s License issued by the New South Wales Government.

Do I need to return my License Plate after I sell my car in Wollongong?

Yes, once you sell the car, the Registered Number Plate isn’t yours and belongs to the Transport Department of New South Wales Government. You need to cancel the registration by contacting a nearby Service Centre.

Download the PDF Form ‘Number Plates and Cancellation of Registration’ from the website and fill it out. Present the form and proof of identity and hand in the number plates to the Service Centre Representative.