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Together We Push The Boundaries of Excellence

Top Dollar opened its doors in 2010 and hasn’t looked back ever since.

We are proud to have completed nearly a decade in the industry and have bought well over a million cars throughout New South Wales. Over the years, we have mastered the industry’s ins and outs and realized that customer service and satisfaction stand equally important as paying top cash for cars Sydney.

Meeting Your Car Selling Needs From A to Z

Meeting Your Car Selling Needs From A to Z

Our team is devoted to rendering a comprehensive quality service- that covers all aspects and hurdles that come in the way of car selling. These Include:

  • Providing Instant Estimate
  • Online or On-call Offers
  • Scheduling Inspection At Your Convenience
  • Pick-up From Your Location
  • Completing All The Paperwork

Hi, From Our Team

Needless to say, we are fully licensed and approved by the New South Wales Government and hold the necessary Car Dealer’s License. We have people from all walks of life with distinct qualifications, skills and expertise on board. Each one has truly played their part in contributing to our success, and we owe them big time. Its time you Meet Them:

Hi, From Our Team

1) Expert Appraisers: They will let you know the accurate value of the vehicle when you share a few basic details. Also, these experts will verify the automatic quote generated by our in-built database to give the most market-competitive offer.

2) Inspection Staff: These are the front players you will essentially meet every time you decide to sell your unwanted vehicle. They will arrive at your location to give your car a quick inspection and offer you top dollar on the spot.

3) Location Managers: They oversee all operations and deals, conduct frequent audits, keep track of the team’s performance, take customer feedback and ensure a safe workplace environment for all with no health risks. They also take care of effective communication between departments.

4) Inventory Management Executives: They accurately keep track of the inventory, spare automobile parts, and the materials and metals salvaged from end-of-life vehicles. In addition, they also check and confirm inventory as complete and report any discrepancies.

5) Automotive Mechanics and Technicians: These are Certified and Qualified individuals with a solid grip and understanding of the mechanical, electrical and technical process of automobiles. This knowledge helps them fix and repair all issues and periodically maintain the automobile.

6) Professional Drivers:They are the key players in transferring unwanted vehicles from your location to ours. They are trained to safely load vehicles on tow trucks from your site and off-load at our workshop or scrapyard.

7) Workshop Supervisors: They are responsible for foreseeing all the operations in the company’s warehouse/workshop, including scrapping, dismantling, recycling, cleaning, repainting etc., of vehicles we buy. They also hold updated progress on every vehicle under maintenance or repair.

8) Veteran Automobile Dismantlers: They ensure that dismantling and removal of the spare parts are carried out professionally and safely, and within the estimated time frames.

9) Sorters and Recyclers: They will divide the recyclable components from the non-recyclable, and the working from the non-working. The ones working will be given a few touch-ups for resale or reuse. On the other hand, the recyclable ones will be sent for recycling, and these individuals will supervise all the recycling operations.

10) Service Managers: They ensure that our customer service is up to the mark and that all car removals and tasks are completed most professionally. They will also ensure that each member of the team performs to their optimum productivity.

11) Waste Operation Managers: They regulate and minimize waste that goes into landfill and ensure compliance with all Local, National and International Laws. They ensure that all waste is safely disposed of without damaging the environment, the surrounding communities or the planet as per the EPA Guidelines.

12) Customer Support Representatives: Our Support Staff is available round-the-clock to answer queries in a polite and friendly manner. They also schedule inspections visit and pick-ups after coordinating with our drivers to check their availability and match it with your schedule.

13) Casual Loaders: These physically sound individuals collect, carry, load and lift heavy tools, equipment, recyclable materials, and automotive waste residue to and from our location, customer’s location and scrapyards.

14) Legal Experts: When we say customers are fully liberated from the hassle of doing legal work, it’s because of them. They will be responsible for clearing any unpaid Motor Vehicle Duties or Taxes on your vehicle, cancelling the Registration and also paying any outstanding loans or finances.

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