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Top Dollar for Car is the safest and most secure way to earn cash in exchange for unwanted and damaged vehicles. Get competitive cash for cars Sydney with FREE car removal in one call.

  • Certified Car Buyer
  • We buy cars in any condition
  • Unparallel Cash Deals
  • Same-Day Car Removal
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    Offering Cash for Cars Sydney Up to $9,999

    Top Dollar for Car is known to provide incredible cash offers for unwanted and damaged vehicles. We have been a licensed company dealing with customers for over 10 years, and our extensive services are matchless Sydney-wide.

    Our work structure demonstrates quality and effectiveness in every way. With the growth and expansion of operations offered by our side, the customers put great trust in us for their valued vehicles.

    We pay top cash for cars Sydney for vehicles not accepted by any other buyer in Sydney. Our accepting criterion for vehicles varies from the rest of the car buyers, as there is no restriction on any automobile to be purchased by us despite its deadly condition.

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    Sell Your Scrap Cars for Cash Sydney Digitally 

    Unlike other car removal options, we have designed a creative way for the sellers to remove unwanted vehicles. Thousands of customers are satisfied with our services yearly because of the easy-driven car-selling procedure they interact with when having us on board. 

    Here is how you can digitally sell your scrap cars most peacefully. 

    Feedback from Our Customers in Sydney

    My name is Jack, and I have sold my old Toyota Prius to Top Dollar Cash for Cars. The team worked beyond my expectations and paid me the best cash deal. The seamless process made it easier for me to remove the old car within 24 hours. 

    I am William, one of the satisfied customers of Top Dollar Cash for Cars. The company has a family of thousands of customers who are convinced of the top-rated car removal services it offers. My damaged 2009 Toyota Vitz was junk, and I got paid competitive cash for the sale. The professional services provided by the company are no less than a blessing. 

    The unwanted 2020 Suzuki Swift was a burden for my garage, and I was trying to find reliable ways to sell the car. I came across Top Dollar Cash for Cars, who managed to buy my vehicle within a day and handed me the cash without any delay. I am impressed with their work structure and professionalism.

    I am Ava, and Top Dollar Cash for Cars assisted me in selling the most troubled vehicle of my life. The broken 2003 Toyota Landcruiser Prado was becoming a financial burden for me, so the company placed an incredible offer, which was certainly more than what the market offered. The highly supportive staff managed the process without dragging me into any complications. 

    I owned a 2011 Honda Vezel, and It got into an accident. The unroadworthy vehicle was no longer used, and the market needed to justify the resale price. Top Dollar Cash for Cars evaluated my vehicle and paid a good deal for the junk. The phenomenal car valuation process was supervised by expert auto appraisers who extracted the fair value of my car. The company offers reliable car removal services Sydney-wide. 

    My name is Levi. I sold my damaged Honda Civic to Top Dollar Cash for Cars some weeks ago. The smooth process demonstrated the top-notch workings of the company. My car was collected within 24 hours by the most expert drivers and equipment. I got paid on the spot, and there were no lengthy documents that I had to look after. I highly recommend this name if you are searching for a reliable car buyer that offers high cash and easy removal at the same time. 

    A Premier Cash For Cars Sydney Near You!

    We buy cars Sydney, no matter what type of vehicle you want to sell, whether it’s large or small, commercial or for personal use, we will come to you, buy it in minutes or hours and pay instant cash upto $9,999.

    With the easiest process we offer, car sellers can sell their vehicles while being in their comfort zone. The fast-paced process can navigate your location and collect your car from anywhere in Sydney.

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    A Premier Cash For Cars Sydney Near You

    Why We are Better Choice Than Other Car Buyers?

    Get Free Quote with Just a Click

    Quick, simple, and accurate quotes available to you at your fingertips. You can fill out our online form and receive reliable estimation for your vehicle without visiting any professional mechanic or car experts.

    Uwnanted Car Removal Sydney-wide

    Never again pay an expensive towing fee to remove your vehicle. We have trained and licensed drivers and a variety of tow trucks to safely remove your unwanted vehicle for FREE.

    Same-Day Car Selling

    You can sell us your vehicle within 24 hours of booking. That’s right! No need to wait months to sell your Scrap car. You can do it within a day. Simply contact our team, and we will arrive at your location and pay you instant cash for cars up to $9,999.

    Responsive Customer Service

    Whether it’s late at night or early in the morning, our online and offline customer service is available to help you answer all your queries and concerns.

    Unwanted Car Buyer

    We deal in all sorts of cars. Whether it’s old, new, or damaged, we buy them all. And in exchange, pay instant cash up to $9,999 for all cars, vans, busses, trucks, Ute, 4wd, etc.

    Instant Payments without Delay

    You don’t have to worry about delayed payments with us. As soon as we purchase a vehicle from you, we pay you instant cash for all unwanted cars. But if cash isn’t what you are looking for, we can also make payments via bank transfer or cheques.

    The High Rated Car Buyer Sydney Just For You

    The High Rated Car Buyer Sydney Just For You

    Explore the high-end car removal services from Sydney’s top-rated & most trusted car buyer. At Top Dollar Cash for Car, get flawless cash for unwanted cars offers and same day car removal from the high rated car buyers. If you are tired of shooting maintenance costs, opt to us today for our hassle-free car selling process.

    So, why are you still waiting to get your old and unwanted car off your hands? Contact us today and book an appointment for the car inspection at a date and time suitable to you!

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    Professional & Free Car Removal Sydney

    Many car owners avoid selling their old cars because of high towing charges, hidden fees, or because of long and time-consuming processes. But unlike other car buyers, we offer our customers FREE car removal in Sydney. Our processes are designed to be straightforward and fast.

    The professional team of auto haulers and advanced towing trucks lead the safe car removal process for the vehicles and your premises. Top Dollar For Car has a technical and highly advanced range of towing trucks that are experts in relocating damaged cars to our junkyards.
    Our high-performance towing trucks will get to your location within 24 hours.

    What Condition Of Cars Do We Buy?

    At Top Dollar For Car, we purchase all conditions of vehicles. Cars’ values depreciate as soon as they leave the showroom. But selling these old cars can be difficult, especially in today’s market. That’s why, with our services, you can sell all conditions of vehicles, and We will buy them without any discrimination.

    What Condition Of Cars Do We Buy

    Condition of vehicles eligible for our services include:

    • Unwanted vehicle
    • Broken car
    • Junk vehicle
    • Vehicle with body damage
    • Car damaged in an accident
    • Vehicles with mechanical and electrical faults
    • Hail/ rain/ fire damaged vehicle
    • Totaled cars
    • Scrap cars
    • And more

    Get Cash for Unregistered Cars Now

    Tired of paying registration on a vehicle that you longer want or need? Worry not.
    Top Dollar pays you cash for unregistered cars Sydney quickly.

    Your vehicle is running like a dream or has seen better days. We are ready to offer the best price for it. And we understand that selling an unregistered car can be a big fuss. That’s why we have designed a game changing process to make selling your unregistered car completely effortless.

    Our experts will visit your location and give a cash quote based on your car’s mileage, age, make, model, and overall condition. Then we make a cash offer you can’t resist.

    Get cash in hand quickly with our no obligation quotes and remove that unregistered car from your property in no time.

    We believe that your unregistered car doesn’t have to be a liability but an opportunity for good cash. So, contact us now!

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    Authentic Cash for Junk Cars Company in Sydney

    Authentic Cash for Junk Cars Company in Sydney 

    It is important to locate a reliable junk car buyer to get the highest cash for junk cars Sydney and experience a smooth car-selling journey. If the car buyers are not legitimate, you are more likely to lose your money in the transaction. Therefore, thorough research about car buyers in Sydney before selling your vehicle is crucial.

    Top Dollar For Car is registered under Australian Legislation and owns full rights to deal with damaged and scrap cars using a careful approach. The customer feedback and testimonials available on our website and other social media platforms are some ways to learn about our previous customers and their experience with us. Our work defines authenticity, reliability and credibility, which is why many car sellers in Sydney trust us with their beloved automobiles. 

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    A Complete Cash for Damaged Car Sydney Package at Your Doorway 

    The damage and mechanical faults in your vehicle won’t hesitate us into buying your car. We have the expertise to deal with vehicles in any condition and extract ample benefits from them.

    Unlike other car removal in Sydney, we offer customers the complete package for selling vehicles. From providing free car consultation online to inspecting the car to removing the vehicle on the same day, our team manages it all smoothly. 

    You won’t have to find any car evaluators to learn about the market value of your car, as our expert auto appraiser values the worth of your vehicle using authentic market conditions. Additionally, there is no need to get your vehicle removed by third-party auto haulers and then pay a huge amount for the service. We have expert towing truck drivers who carry out the operations without harming your car or premises. 

    When it’s about Top Dollar For Car, there is no need to get stressed about other complicated matters because we take care of it all. We guarantee competitive cash for damaged cars Sydney stress-free.

    A Complete Cash for Damaged Car Sydney Package at Your Doorway

    Eco-Friendly Cash for Scrap Car Sydney Services 

    It is a nightmare to think that your vehicle disposal is playing a great role in contaminating the environment and causing an increase in landfills. Therefore, it is always essential to keep finding car removal regulated by satisfying and eco-friendly services.

    We are pleased to inform you about our highly safe and environmentally safe car dismantling procedure because we care for the planet we live on. 

    Our policies are standardized, and none of our activities is causing any damage to the environmental resources. We are endeavoring to bring sustainability to the natural resources through the following procedure. 

    Eco-Friendly Cash for Scrap Car Sydney Services
    • We perform careful extraction of functional car parts that reduce the need to manufacture more car components, saving human force, energy, and time.
    • We gain metal in huge quantities during the dismantling phase, provided to the production industries that use it as raw material. This improves the sustainability of natural resources.
    • The careful handling of toxic wastes and fluids is done to keep the ground and marine life safe from getting polluted.

    Explore our Top-Notch Cash for Cars Sydney Services

    We Buy Worn Out Cars For Cash in Sydney With-in a Day

    Top Dollar For Car is aware of all the difficulties of owning a broken car. The damaged vehicles are a burden, and their placement in the parking space reduces the place’s charm. 

    People with rusty vehicles always find potential ways to remove their cars on time and get free space in their garages for other productive purposes. Therefore, we don’t delay when it comes to eliminating vehicles, and our team performs the job on the same day we receive your query. 

    Some unfortunate events might cause some delays, and our team won’t collect your car within 24 hours because of your far-flung location. In the rest of the cases, if you cooperate with us, our towing trucks will find the way to your house and remove the junk from your premises on the same day along with handing cash for worn out cars Sydney on spot.

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    We Buy Worn Out Cars For Cash in Sydney With-in a Day

    We Are a Reliable Name in Sydney

    No Additional Cost

    When selling us your scrap car, there is no need to place high costs on vehicle inspection, advertising and removal.

    Diverse Services

    All automobile makes and models are accepted at our junkyard for top dollars.

    Certified Car Buyer

    We have the legal right to deal with scrap and broken cars. Our process is, hence, scam and error-free.

    Qualified Team Members

    We have highly trained and skilled auto haulers, auto appraisers and customer representatives on board.

    FREE Auto Removal

    Despite the car removal process being highly costly, we provide free car removal services to all our customers, no matter where they reside in Sydney. 

    Environmentally Safe Transaction

    Our car disposal process is contamination-free, keeping the environment safe and healthy. The dismantling process is carried out under professional supervision.

    A Stress Free Way To Sell Scrap Cars For Cash In Sydney

    Letting go of a scrap car that has been with you through so many adventures can be a tad emotional. But think of us as your personal car valet because we make the cash for cars Sydney process as smooth as possible.

    Our team of experts buys all big or small vehicles, including SUVs, utes, trucks, vans, sedans, cars, 4x4s, or coupes.

    And the best part?

    We offer free quotes, and you have no obligation to sell to us. Let us take the stress out of selling your scrap car for cash in Sydney and help you get the amount you deserve for your beloved old ride.

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    Get Cash for Unroadworthy Cars Sydney in Any Suburb You Reside 

    We cover all the suburbs and towns in Sydney, and our team manages to locate you for the same day car collection without any service charges. 

    • Parramatta
    • Balmain
    • Glebe
    • Marrickville
    • Manly
    • Mosman
    • Randwick
    • Redfern
    • Blacktown
    • Coogee
    • Surry Hills
    • Penrith
    • Chatswood
    • Lane Cove
    • Darling Point
    • Annandale
    • Alexandria
    • Double Bay
    • Paddington
    • Newtown
    • Bellevue Hill
    • Maroubra
    • Darlinghurst
    • Bankstown
    • Sydney CBD (Central Business District)
    • Liverpool
    • Coogee
    • Penrith
    • Bronte
    • Campbelltown
    • Darlinghurst
    • Baulkham Hills
    • Paddington
    • Hornsby
    • Bondi
    • Ryde
    • Willoughby
    • Chatswood
    • Hurstville

    Recent Purchases 

    2015 Suzuki Baleno

    2015 Suzuki Baleno

    Balmain, Sydney

    An instant quotation was placed for the broken Baleno to keep the owner stress-free. When the offer was accepted, our auto removal team safely displaced the vehicle from the owner’s place to our junkyard. 

    2017 Camry

    2017 Camry

    Glebe, Sydney

    The rusty Camry lost the charm of appearance due to the rust patches all over the exterior that also damaged the engine. We paid the best cash deal without a question and offered free car removal. 

    1998 Toyota Corolla

    1998 Toyota Corolla

    Manly, Sydney

    The old Corolla model was giving a hard time to the owner. We bought the old car for the highest cash in Sydney to avoid high maintenance and frequent repairs. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much Cash for Car Sydney will I get?

    Customers can expect to receive the highest Cash for Cars Sydney, up to $9,999. However, the actual amount varies from vehicle to vehicle-based on several factors and features, including the Make, Model, Age, Mileage, General Condition of the Interior and Exterior and Any Accidental History.

    Do you charge any legal fees for completing the paperwork?

    Not at all. One of our complimentary services is handling all the paperwork and legal matters. Hence, we don’t charge a penny for the essential ownership transfer and clearing the unpaid dues, loan or taxes.

    When will Cash for Cars Sydney collect my vehicle?

    Our team offers free car removal in Sydney whenever and wherever you ask. You can schedule the car pick-up within the next two to 24 hours, a week or even a month later. We are legally registered with NSW Service and always ready and well-equipped to offer an efficient and swift car collection and free towing.